Welcome to The League of Friends of Exmouth Hospital

The League of Friends of Exmouth Hospital was formed in 1952, evolving from what had been known as the Hospital’s Comfort Fund. Such was the contribution that the League of Friends made to the development of the hospital that a number of prominent members of the League have had areas of the hospital named after them. The Dewdney Reablement Unit was named after Claude Dewdney, a President and Chairman of the League. Two local individuals had wards named after them for their sterling work at the hospital, Doris Heard and Dr Geoffrey Willoughby.  The League of Friends is a registered charity whose original governing document was issued in 1961 and amended in 1980, 1995 and 2016. The changes allowed The League to deliver its objects, with the latest amendments reflecting the changing role of community hospitals from looking after mainly inpatients to covering the health and wellbeing of patients both in the hospital and the community. However, it still retains its original object ‘to support the charitable work of Exmouth Hospital’.   Following the National Health Service coming into force on July 5th 1948, Exmouth Hospital has been a NHS run facility providing a wide range of inpatient and outpatient services for the local community. Since its formation, the League of Friends has donated around £2.2 million to support the work of the hospital to ensure the facilities and equipment are of the highest standard for patients and staff. Over the years, the donations from the League of Friends have funded major upgrading of the hospital's wards, operating theatre, casualty, general facilities, clinical and diagnostic equipment and social amenities. The League of Friends celebrated its Platinum Jubilee in 2022 with two major projects. The Trustees donated £250,000 to develop Geoffrey Willoughby ward and the day case corridor, bringing the amount donated to date, by the League of Friends to £1.7 million. The development work on the ward has provided pre and post operative care for day case surgery and the rooms in the corridor as a new General Outpatients. The opportunity was also taken to adopt the ornamental garden outside the ward. Since its formation, the League of Friends has benefitted from a number of long serving individuals, which continues today. Mrs Mavis Prideaux was chairman for over 20 years, retiring in 2016 but continued as membership secretary until 2019. Mrs Rose Thatcher has been secretary since 2010, having previously been minute secretary from 2003.

Exmouth Hospital has had the support of the local community from its very early days and that support continues through the League of Friends of Exmouth Hospital.